It all seemed so great.

Go to college, graduate, find a stable job with benefits and a healthy salary. You are now able to travel once a year, buy that nice pair of kicks, and even apply for a mortgage.

Fast forward three years. The realization of your daily routine hits you…

Commute, sit for eight hours in a cubicle, commute, eat dinner, make the most of the three hours remaining in the evening, sleep, REPEAT… for the next 40 years of your life. You feel trapped, lost, and pray that life has something more to offer.

At Cubicle Retreat, we are dedicated to showing you the wonders of life outside your job’s confined space. We will teach you how to dedicate those long, uncomfortable hours in your cubicle into gaining a deeper understanding of your purpose, learning how to force change, and truly feeling successful. Ultimately, we will assist you in gaining the knowledge and confidence to finally break out of this four-walled trap you are in and start living life on your own terms.

We promise to relay the most appropriate information passed down from mentors to help educate you. Intertwining all this with humorous random thoughts throughout, you can rest assured we will get you on that cubicle retreat; your first step is to simply subscribe below.

Please read responsibly aggressively.


Cubicle Retreat’s Daniel (left) and Ryan (right)