Here I am, wondering what on earth to write.

We have zero followers, and with that, we have no data to gauge our audience’s preferences. After the two of us, we have no idea whether a third person will even read this first blog post.

But all that right there, all that uncertainty, is what makes the beginning of this journey so exciting.

You may have heard some version of the following phrase: “Journey before destination.” Cubicle Retreat is just that.

We are embarking on a never-ending road trip, where the journey along the way is responsible for all the memories and the destination is simply a checkpoint to tell the driver to turn around and head back home. We do not intend to reach our destination because we plan to always have at least one reader interested in joining us on this infinite road trip.


Embark on the journey.

We all know life is short, but what have we done to demonstrate we understand those three simple words in succession? You have that small aspiration you’ve been dreaming day-in-day-out, but you constantly put it aside because, “I’ll do it when I’m older / I need to save up / I don’t like failure / My job is comfortable”. That internal quote system never does quit, eh?

Your conscience tells you the same rehashed lines over and over again. Then a month passes by, no progress made. A year passes by, no progress made. Three years pass by, you’ve done zilch. It’s not rocket science to grasp the amount of progress you would’ve made had you told the devil on your shoulder to hit the road the moment he first popped up.

It’s the end result that always seems so daunting. So, stop looking at the destination! Time and time again, we don’t even embark on the journey because we fear the destination and the prerequisites it shoves into our faces.

“Journey before destination.”

Since you found this post, and you haven’t closed the window yet, it’s a safe bet you’ve read at least one other piece on enacting change, on motivating oneself, at one point in the past year or two. What did you do after you read that piece’s final word, after so many small hopes and dreams crept into your mind, when all you could see while reading its text was a neon sign flashing “I can do this”? What did you do when you finished reading that piece?

I can bet you felt good for a few minutes after that piece, knowing despite your routine life, your mind can still aspire. Then, those few minutes ended. Then, you got distracted by something else.

Don’t do this again (even though you’re thinking right now that despite all you read up to this point, you’re still not actually going to change anything because of what some blog says, let alone a new one). But don’t worry, because we all possess self-doubt and inert laziness, to an extent.

If you do embark on your journey after reading this single post, then great! Not much is more satisfying than helping better someone’s life. However, if you are still wary about change, but willing to give us a chance, Cubicle Retreat promises to cover all gas expenses if you join us on this infinite road trip.

So go ahead and hop on board with us as we journey to retreat from the cubicle!

– Ryan

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