We talked about the importance of networking, and the purpose of being around individuals that have large sums of knowledge and experience that differ from your own. Exposing yourself to people who are doing the work you admire, making the money you desire, living the life you require will help you steal and copy their secrets for success.

Tai Lopez’s TED Talk video on “The Importance Of Mentorship” discussed how critical it is to have mentors in your life. Imagine having Arnold Schwarzenegger as your personal trainer, Warren Buffet as your personal investor, or the Dalai Lama as your life guru. Seems like a pretty safe bet that learning from these extraordinary individuals would directly impact your life in a positive manner, as they mentor you on the skills and practices they have that built their success.

However, how do we get access to these mentors? Can’t just walk into the parliament and ask Justin Trudeau to come out with you on the weekend, or email Kevin O’ Leary requesting lunch on Thursday to teach you his entrepreneurial and investment techniques.

Fortunately, in this digital era we’re all blessed to live in, we have a substantial supply of access to a variety of great mentors. Majority of these mentors all interact with us on a daily basis through social media platforms.

What I’m trying to get at is pick and observe role models that you admire. Read their books, watch their interviews, read their tweets, and check their Snapchat stories. Having access to this content will help us emulate and learn what qualities, skills, and knowledge they possess that correlates to the success that you desire.

Here are a few of the role models that I admire, and my attempt to observe what skills they practice:

Casey Neistat


I mean, what’s not to love about this guy? Had a kid at the age of 15, high school dropout, and now one of YouTube’s biggest stars with over 6 million subscribers.

Casey has traveled all over the world, competed in marathons, and vlogged for 500 plus days that forced him to film and edit videos 12 to 14 hours a day. He is married with 2 kids, and outside of his YouTube channel, has partnered with CNN on building his video app Beme. So please, when you think you can’t do more, or you don’t have enough time, take a look at this guy, then let me know if it can’t be done, or you don’t have enough time to start that candle business.

The thing I admire about Casey, despite him being a creative genius and producing amazing content for us to watch on a daily basis, is his inability to accept status quo. It’s evident that he is consistently challenging himself to do more, to do better, and see what else he can accomplish. Casey accumulated about a million views per vlog, and yet decided to end it. Why? Well, because it was no longer a challenge for him. It became easy, and became routine. Part of his success is dependent on his need to creatively challenge himself and see what plateaus he can break down. This proves to us that, something I firmly believe in, life is about growth.

Casey is also a prime example of when you get good at something, and master your craft, it enables you to provide value to a large market of consumers. Casey has been contracted by GoPro, Samsung, Apple, Emirates Airline, and Nike, all because of the ability he has. So he demonstrates the success that follows when you follow a passion and develop a skill. The market will come to you.

Part of his ability to take on this workload and convert it to success, is by scheduling his days. Every vlog begins with him mapping out his day and what he has to accomplish.

So please take it from him, set out your goals, and when that alarm clock goes off, wake up, sip some coffee, put on your jersey and get to work!

Gary Vaynerchuk


Good ol Gary! I mean what can I say about this guy that’s not already known? His work speaks for itself. This man is a prime example of hard work and dedication. His success is built on his ability to challenge what can be accomplished in a day, access the market, sell, trend-seek, and simply, his hunger to win.

Not to mention that these qualities have helped him become a CEO of a multi-millionaire company, investor of Twitter and Snapchat, publish a few New York Times best sellers, be a keynote speaker, and now a social media genius.

Watching and listening to Gary has helped me realize there are no overnight successes. Put in the work, he always says. And it’s true. How many of us believe that if we invested 10 to 12 hours a day in something we wanted to accomplish, something we’re passionate about, that we wouldn’t succeed? I mean why wouldn’t we? We’re all competent human beings, so put in the work, challenge your restrictions, sacrifice, and do all you can, because when you get to that level, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel of success.

I mean we all want the good life, but how bad do you want it? We all talk a big game, but like Gary always says “execution is game”. You want it bad enough, so show us. What are you going to do? Sacrifice, work hard, and execute, baby.

Another secret to Gary’s success is his trend to be a hunter and not a farmer. He doesn’t wait for the market to shift his way. He is consistently observing trends, watching the market, analyzing consumer trends, and this, my friends, is what helps him succeed. Watch and observe the market, and attack. Do this, and you’re a few steps ahead of the game. Don’t wait for things to happen, be a hunter and make it happen.

Gary is as analytical as it gets. Always talking about self-awareness. You can’t be someone you’re not. So access your strengths and your weaknesses. Know who you are, and what you can do. Awareness is key, draw out your goals, map them out, and figure out what you need to get there. Recognizing what your bringing to the table helps you exploit your skills, and then bring your A-game to the table.

Work hard, analyze, work harder, DO, sacrifice, and execute. Thanks Gary for teaching us how to win!

Kobe Bryant


The Black Mamba ladies and gentlemen!! I mean what can’t we take from a guy who has won 5 NBA championships, an MVP, 18-time all-star, 2-time scoring champ, do I need to continue? But what helped Kobe get this far? How did he achieve so much? How did he score 81 points in a game!? Was it pure talent alone? Or did he have some secrets and patterns to his success?

Never be satisfied. Kobe can throw down 60 points one night, then go home, watch some game footage, and watch how he could’ve improved his foot work, took a different shot, made a different pass. Never settle, and consistently look to improve. We all could do better, so continue to break down your skills and figure out how to improve in order to beat competition.

I admire Kobe’s willingness to never give up. Kobe has said it himself. He would rather shoot 0 for 20 than go 0 for 9, any given night. What does this tell us? He’s a ball hog? No! It means just because something doesn’t come right away, keep at it, and keep pushing. The more work we put in, the practice we endure, will eventually pay out. Don’t give up when things don’t look good off the bat, and be confident and strong enough to endure the battles to get through the hardships and eventually succeed.

Last but not least was his competitive spirit. Look at every great leader, every great athlete, every great entrepreneur and it’s something they all possess. Don’t back away from competition, but embrace it. If someone else is doing it, know you could do it better, or you could do it differently. Use the threat of competition like Kobe did, to fire his desire to win, to go to early morning practices, to stay after the game working on his shot. Know that you have it in you to be great, to be successful, and let that competitive burning fire deep inside you leash out and win!

Dwayne Johnson


Everyone loves The Rock! Well, if you can’t smell what he’s cooking, I’ll tell you one thing. Forbes ranked him #19, and Time definitely smelt what he was cooking when it ranked him as well, as the Top 100 Most Influential People of 2016. So what predicates his success?

Well, The Rock believes in hard work and consistency. No time off, no resting. While your competition takes that holiday week off, be out there grinding. Consistency is key. Repetition builds success, and hard work gains respect.

Manage your reputation and be humble. Maintain healthy relationships, and don’t burn any bridges. The more networking, the more relationships, the more opportunity. Building a healthy reputable image will help create new business relations, and sustain existing loyal customers.

Work hard, be consistent, and be humble.

“I’m always asked, ‘What’s the secret to success?’ But there are no secrets. Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room.”

– Dwayne Johnson

– Daniel

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