It’s the question most of us ask ourselves every day. Problem is most people are often dumbfounded and lost when they are asked this question. I remember the first time I was asked, “Well, what do you love, what are you good at? What do you want to do?”

I was at a loss for words. I told him that I loved sports, to travel, and to communicate. Not a really good answer, is it? I mean I just put myself into a majority group of people my age. But surely, I must serve another purpose?

We’re all different, but what is it that separates us from others and makes us individuals, makes us unique? This is often a difficult process for most people, but figuring this out definitely will help put you on the right path, and I’m here to give you some effective tips on how to do so.

Who are you? What do you love to do?

This shouldn’t be too hard, right? Everyone knows what they like and what they don’t, I mean who would know yourself better than you!? Still having a hard time figuring this out? Here are some quick ideas to assist you:

  1. Well, what are you spending your spare time on? Are you cooking, mixing music, coding, watching motivational speeches, editing videos? Majority of the time, the hobbies we spend hours on are a big part of who we are, and who we want to be.
  2. Look at your recent searches. What are you searching on Google, watching on YouTube? Maybe you watch travel vlogs, watching TED Talk videos on how to be more successful? The things that you voluntarily study should be your full-time commitment.
  3. This following tip is one that really stood out to me. What is one thing you feel the most confident to teach another person? Your confidence in this one specific passion/hobby is definitely a clear indicator of what you know better, or what you can do better than the majority of your competition.

Who are you doing the things you love for?

Everything we do is with purpose and motive, especially what we do to support a living. It’s often said that the person you want to be is the person you want society to see you as. Maybe it’s a family tradition to be a doctor, or your father’s dream for you to be a lawyer.

Every great leader and every great entrepreneur all work and built something not only to benefit themselves, but get to the level they wanted to be regarded by their peers, family, or if really successful – society.

People do things for different reasons. Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s passion, or maybe it’s to help make people’s lives better. Figure out who you’re doing the things you love for and what kind of person it makes you to them.

What value are you providing to the people you work for?

When we do the work that we love and fulfill our purpose, it adds value to the people we share our work with. Great athletes motivate their fans to put in hard work, practice, to work with teams, and inspire comebacks.


Michelangelo’s famous work on the Sistine Chapel, or Statue of David, was proof of the value an individual’s work creating value for another group of people. His work helped shape the beauty of the renaissance period, drive the spirit of competition, and redefine art and culture that is still admired almost 500 years after completion.

Steve Jobs changed the way we use technology forever. The Apple products he brought to the market have helped make people’s lives more productive and efficient. He developed cutting edge technology to help us communicate, work, and listen to music, all on a sleek, revolutionary interface.

Mark Zuckerberg has helped provide value to our world with a social media platform that connects friends and families all over the world. His purpose was to create Facebook and added value by giving people access to connect with absolutely anyone from anywhere!

What does this all mean?

Hopefully these three realizations have helped you find your purpose. Find out who you are and what it is you love to do. Figure out who you’re doing it for and what value you will create. Discovering what it is we want to do, and the type of person we want to be regarded as, gives us a deeper understanding of our purpose.

Now that you know your purpose, find a way to monetize it. Perhaps start a YouTube channel, make a blog, start a business, or even get hired to do the work you love. Knowing your destination is half the battle, now just figure out the work to be done and plan the route to get there.

– Daniel

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