It’s Monday and you’re saddened the weekend is over; you have the longest wait ahead of you until the weekend arrives. It’s Tuesday, you’re a little happy you got through Monday but you know this will probably be the busiest day of the workweek and you’ve always wholeheartedly agreed with Newman in thinking “Tuesday has no feel”. It’s Wednesday and you’re content with making it to the week’s halfway point, so you start making plans for the weekend. It’s Thursday and you’re already in Friday mode. It’s Friday and it’s finally time to enjoy your life…

Stop living Friday to Sunday. Make your weekdays count and buff them up with exciting, memorable, and productive events to look forward to and do!

Don’t treat weekdays as obstacles blocking you from your weekend. Quit travelling five days a week to get to the almighty weekend that lasts half the time you spent getting there.ea7543a9a988f818fa03c561ffe4c6ad

Give each weekday a theme, some personality, and make each one truly feel unique. Here are some ideas on how you can make the weekend come to you!

Monday – Book Night

I’ve touched upon the importance of reading before (see 5 Ways To Feed Your Brain) but haven’t discussed a way to make it engaging, interactive, and social. So this is how you do all that.

Start a mini casual book club with a couple of friends and make Monday the day all discussion takes place and book purchases are made.

To begin, head to Indigo, Chapters, or your local library with your fellow book club members on a Monday. See which books are being showcased at the front of the store to get an idea on which books are currently most popular and will be easy to scour the internet for when looking for further discussion material. When you all decide on the same book, each of you purchase a copy but don’t leave right there. Spend some more time looking for the next potential book you might all wish to read. That way, if it looks really intriguing, you will all be further motivated to finish the first book so you can all go and get that second one.

Now determine the general pace on how fast each of you can read and make a weekly goal of quantity read by Monday of the following week. Say it’s decided that two chapters must be read before you meet up again in seven days, then do just that and maintain that pace week by week. If you’re ever falling behind on your reading goal, you’ve always got the weekend to catch up last minute since the book club falls on a Monday.

When you meet up, you should discuss, discuss, and discuss. It may be hard at first to figure out what to talk about, or may even feel silly to be doing any of this in the first place, but soon enough you will feel comfortable discussing the plots, settings, and choices characters made. Still uptight about it? Bring some beers and wine into the mix and make Monday a day to actually look forward to!

Tuesday – Sports Night

Being competitive, in moderation, helps build confidence. Physical activity can act as a form of meditation. Working in teams with a “fun” factor involved and a common goal to achieve assists in one’s ability to persevere.

Treat Tuesday as the night where you join a men’s/women’s/co-ed sports league, play a pickup recreational sport with a group of friends, or partake in one of your gym’s fitness classes.

There are always several sports leagues looking for a member to fill a vacant spot on various teams. Check out Craigslist, or even Kijiji, to find ads posted searching for new teammates. The excuse that you missed the deadline to join no longer exists now that you know about these season-long posted ads.

A pickup sports game with a group of friends is easier than you think to set up. Ice hockey? Find a frozen open pond or outdoor skating rink. Can’t find one? Grab a hockey net, tennis ball, and play ball hockey outdoors. Basketball? You can surely find an empty school yard that has a few nets open for use or even an open court situated inside your gym. Soccer? Get a ball and kick. Baseball? Okay, I agree it may be tough to get a fully manned game going, so just have a catch with a few of your buddies if need be. Say what you want, few things are more fun in life than playing catch with a baseball and glove.  Seriously.  Especially when you start firing throws at the person across you and you know they’ll catch it; that summer-sound of the baseball hitting the mitt… Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, Tuesday’s.

If you haven’t looked into the daily fitness classes your gym offers, inquire about it the next time you go. Discover what’s going on every Tuesday and stick with it. Most gyms fluctuate what they offer each day, so you won’t be doing the same thing every single Tuesday. It may be yoga one week and cycling the next. Whatever it is, you’ll look forward to this particular day of the week knowing you’ll be giving your all alongside a couple dozen others giving their all as well.

Wednesday – Movie Night

Have you ever taken a Wednesday off from your weekly Monday to Friday grind, to see the doctor, the dentist, to do errands, or to simply rest? Whatever the reason was, didn’t the week just seem to fly right by? You may have once looked at a Wednesday-less week as two mini two-day weeks.  Monday and Tuesday, then off, then Thursday and Friday. Every other work day is turned into that Friday night feeling of excitement because you’re off the next day.

So, instead of taking every Wednesday off because you probably don’t have 52 vacation days a year, you can make Wednesday night a night to look forward to. Make it a weekly ritual every Wednesday to meet up with a pal or two and watch a movie at one’s house.


No longer will you only see Friday and Saturday as the fun and exciting nights, but now you will view Wednesday as one too. Make Wednesday feel like a night out, while staying indoors! So, pick out a classic movie, or one that just left theatres, and watch it with a couple of buddies. You could also take turns choosing a weekly documentary to watch, which will educate you in subjects you may not have been interested in before, but your buddy always has been and decides to choose it. Of course, you’ve got work Thursday morning, so just remember to start the movie at a decent time in the evening.

Now you have every Wednesday to look forward to. And looking forward to it is a cinch! Why? Because once the weekend ends, you only have to wait three days until it’s Wednesday night.

Additionally, the rest of the week will just fly on by because Thursday and Friday (the consensus god-tier weekdays) follow right on after the movie credits finish rolling.

– Ryan

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