Entrepreneurship serves as a business practice that either excites or scares a lot of us. I mean, we all think about it. The freedom to be your own boss, having creative control over your work, making your own hours, and hopefully making millions of dollars doing something that is your own, something you love.

It’s not difficult to brainstorm a brilliant idea, or build an idea to help better serve our market. I couldn’t even count the amount of business ideas I had from the top of my head, and if you’re reading this I’m sure you can relate.

The issue however is, what stops us from following our dreams and ideas? I’m sure that you truly believed your idea for an on-demand car service to connect passengers to free lance drivers would be a complete hit, before Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp from Uber beat you to the punch. Regret can be a painful emotion and often result in thoughts such as “I wish I had, I wish I started, I wish I went through with it.”

So what makes us different from the Zuckerburg’s, Musk’s, Branson’s, Job’s, Kalanic’s and Camp’s? Do we need to be self born geniuses, state of the art programmers, and revolutionary marketers? The reality is that we don’t. The truth is we need to execute.

Entrepreneurship is no longer limited. This isn’t the 50’s where businesses were built from the ability to make a product. The 80’s where you could open a penny stock brokerage, the 2000’s, where we were restricted to a service and web based economy, and in the last decade where designing apps was the hottest trend in entrepreneurial activity.

The reality is your opportunities to build a business are endless, as we are supplied with a vast majority of resources, software, and technology to support our visions of designing our own business.

Have a product? Open up a store on Shopify and start selling. Want to vlog? Record videos on your iPhone and upload them on YouTube. Want to freelance and write? Start a blog with WordPress. Have an idea to design the next Flappy bird? Sure, go on Kijiji and find a freelanced iOS developer.

See it’s not impossible. The platforms exist to help turn your business ideas into reality, so follow your passions, and see if pains or needs exist in that market that you believe can be served better. Follow through with it. Execute!

So when Leanne Ferguson from Galaxy Photoz reached out to me to help promote her start-up, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for myself to inspire and motivate our readers. See Leanne lives, breathes, and eats photography. Bring her to a deserted beach, with nothing but a camera and 6am sunset, and watch her do her magic.

It was clear to me this was her passion, and it was clear to her she had to do something about it. So Leanne exploited her knowledge and interests in the industry of photography, to create opportunity. A more efficient way to add value, a safer way to capture that perfect moment, and the opportunity to create on demand professional photography.

Interested yet in which she is doing? Yeah, me too! So let’s get into it. Leanne has replicated Uber’s formula, and successfully designed a platform to connect safe, reliable, cost efficient photographers for on demand same day or future service for a variety of platforms.

1. Time Efficient / On-Demand Delivery

This app helps connect photographers to users within just minutes. If you have issues booking appointments for a wedding, new born, or anniversary, simply log on and quickly connect to a professional photographer for same day or future service. This service helps eliminate the pain of going through referrals, and getting denied appointments based on requests already being pre-booked.

2. Security / Eliminates Risk

Similar to Uber, each photographer will have a rating. So every photographer contacted is reliable, and will offer professional photoshoots. The app eliminates the risk of lost deposits and scams, as deposits are held by Galaxy Photoz and only charged to the user once photos are released.

3. Versatility

Galaxy Photoz offers a wide range of professional services, and doesn’t limit users. Leanne has contracted a variety of professional photographers that can service shoots from weddings, head shots, modelling, and engagements in order to capture that perfect moment.

4. Serving A Two-Sided Market

This app benefits both consumers and free lance photographers. Users are provided the luxury for accessible on-demand photography. Photographers are able to manage their capacity and increase revenue based on extended B2C operations.

Check out Galaxy Photoz website at http://www.galaxyphotoz.com, and if you’re passionate about entrepreneurship like we are, give her some support and contribute to her corporate pre-launch campaign at www.go.galaxyphotoz.com.

– Daniel

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