Life’s daily tasks aren’t so complex once you break them down. Take that empty glass that’s still sitting on your bed stand, for example. You saw it this morning before you left your room, but for some strange reason, you left it there.  You then made your way to the kitchen for breakfast.  The kitchen being the one room the glass is supposed to go to, but you just did not do it.  You simply didn’t want to do a task so early in the morning that wasn’t a part of your daily routine.

The one-minute rule is very simple to understand:

Anything that can be done in one minute or less, you should do now.

Those unopened promotional letters from the mail you couldn’t care less for? Open each one right away and throw them out.

You’re relaxing and watching a movie, but you notice that darn light in the other room was left on? Pause the movie right when you notice it and go shut that light off.  Challenge yourself to do it in less than ten seconds, or even let the movie play and complete the task before the scene changes.

Empty your trash can when you see it’s full. Make your bed the moment you get out of it—but don’t forget to take that empty glass down as well!

In your car at a gas station? Collect and throw out all the old receipts, wrappers, and empty water bottles scattered throughout (or if you’re like how I used to be, you’ll find several half-full water bottles that have frozen and thawed out season after season).

All these quick and easy-to-do, but oddly procrastinated on, tasks are a small sample of daily nuisances that really aren’t all that frustrating once you start taking the initiative to complete them right away.

And unless you hold the record for the world’s longest email address, don’t hesitate to subscribe below, it takes less than a minute!

– Ryan

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