I bet you’re all tired of the New Year’s Resolutions redundancy that has been over exposed on social media for the past week or so. I get it, everyone says “New Year, New Me”, and you heard it before, and quite frankly you’re sick of it, or don’t believe it.

I’ll be honest, the last couple years I said to myself that this was going to be the year. I had a couple of plans and goals starting every January 1st that made me assume that this was going to be the year. The year it all happens, the year I find my dream job, build my dream business, find my dream girl, buy that dream condo. But guess what? Dec 31st hit of 2014, 2015, and 2016 and I reflected. And to be honest, I was let down. My dream hadn’t been met, and I wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I think the main catalyst behind failing to acquire all these dreams I had was that I assumed that it would eventually come to me. Somehow, if I was patient enough, the market would shift in my favor. I would meet a friend of a friend who hooked me up with a sweet gig, or an old classmate would reach out to me with this great business idea.

But guess what, things don’t work that way my friends. Nothing is going to come to you. Your life isn’t going to get better just saying you want these things while you sit at home watching TV, dreaming of all these things, thinking “Hey, if you put in a little bit of work, it will eventually come”.

Your life changes, when you change. When you get better, things get better.

I swear if I’m being honest with you, what I want most out of this blog is to help even just one person who reads our material create a positive change in their life. One person, who says, “Hey, enough is enough, I’m starting that YouTube channel, or I’m finally going to start my t-shirt business.”

Let’s all stop talking about what we want to do, and JUST DO IT. The time is now, let’s start this year and finally get closer to being the people we want to be and doing the things we admire. So from this point on, and anyone who knows me reading this will understand, I’m officially calling 2017…”Year of Nike” – JUST DO IT.

You motivated enough yet? Great! Now let’s start with some tips that will help you stop yapping, and actually go out and do it!

1. Create a visual idea of who you want to be

It’s simple. People understand things better when they can actually see clear illustrations. So draw your future. What do you want to look like in a year? Maybe draw yourself with a smile, living in a nice loft downtown, 15 pounds lighter, designing shoes for Nike, a nice, pretty girl by your side, and hopefully a bank account 3 times the size it is now. You see it now? Great, so draw it out, visualize and every day remind yourself of how to get there.

Now make some visuals. Create a vision board. Start a wall in your room, or at your cubicle and post things that you admire, and that you desire. Start posting pictures of that Ford SVT Raptor you dream of buying, that trip to Italy, that Hugo Boss suit you always wanted. Consistently remind yourself of the level you wish to reach, and the pleasures in life that you desire.


Let’s visual our success. Let’s visual who we want to be and what we want. Creating a visual image of this will help motivate us to understand what we want to become by Dec 31st, 2017.

Here is a great video that explains this:

Draw your future | Patti Dobrowolski | TEDxRainier

2. Eliminate

I’m sure everyone reading this can relate. Majority of us understand, to an extent, the people we want to be. I’m also sure that we all could think of at least three things that are preventing us from getting there.

Is it that part-time job taking up your free time, that fourth ball hockey team you joined, a partner, a friend, or spending your Friday nights at the bar?

Figure out the things currently in your life that are preventing you from your goals and get rid of them. If something is preventing you from the things you want to do, from being happy, it’s time to move on.

I’m not saying to dump your girlfriend tomorrow because she doesn’t support you selling your car to go travel the world. Just learn to reduce things that limit you, divert people who distract you, and prevent actions that restrict you.

3. Change routine

Get used to being uncomfortable. Make it a point every week to go out with a different group of friends, try out different restaurants, and go to different book stores. Each week do something that was different from the week before. Get used to change, and get comfortable with adapting.

Force yourself to stay busy this year and refrain from falling into routine. Consistently keeping busy, meeting new people, and trying new things will help open a whole new window of opportunity.

For more on changing your routine, check out “Change The Way You View Change”.

4. Activation energy

Build your willpower. Begin to take more risks, and make more mistakes. Do things that challenge you. Train your mind to adjust to change and to struggle. The key here is to build mental toughness.

Little things like waking up a half hour before your alarm clock will help train yourself to cope with difficulty, and help break routine. Once you’re comfortable with breaking status-quo, and adapting to different, unnecessary challenges, it will make your goals more feasible.

Building this mental toughness, and making mistakes, will help teach you to deal with discomfort. Which is key when you do begin the process of becoming who you want to be. You need to learn that not everything comes at once, so when you finally do become the person you want to be, be patient, overcome the struggle, adapt to ambiguity, and like the Energizer Bunny – keep going.

“One who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all.”

– Giocomo Casanova

5. Don’t wait

For me, this is one of the biggest problems that I see preventing the majority of us from getting where we want to be. We all visualize our future, we plan how to get there, but then we say now is not the time. “Sure, I’ll lose 10 lbs right after our trip to Jamaica, or I’ll start writing once something inspires me!”

Guess what, there is never going to be the perfect time to do it. So do it now. Every time you make a goal and plan to attack it a month from now, you give yourself more time to avoid it. Your brain returns back to its cognitive habits of security and routine.

The more time we provide ourselves to initiate change actually reduces the probability of us forcing change, increases the possibility of events that occur to make change more difficult, and to be honest, gives you time to lose motivation, causing you to divert back to your old habits.

Our minds work in mysterious ways, so if you don’t act on instinct, our brains sort of hit an emergency brake. It fears change, and operates off routine. So if you don’t act immediately, chances are you’re back to square-one.

So much of the things we do, businesses we practice, and hobbies we partake in, are all built off habits we don’t even know we have. So the next goal you develop and plan to do it next month, just know you probably won’t.

This year let’s be a bit selfish. Act on instinct and go with your gut feeling. You want to do something, so don’t dwell on it, don’t wait, but, ladies and gentlemen, like  Nike says, JUST DO IT!!

– Daniel

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